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DVLA personalised plate – answering important questions regarding the purchase and conditions

You can never ask enough, especially when there are large sums of money at stake and getting a personalised number plate is in fact often a very costly transaction. This is exactly why there is no question that should be left unanswered and there is no question which should be deemed unimportant. In this business, where customers often end up paying well more than they would pay for a car, everything should be cleared and transparent. This is why we continue answering to some frequently asked questions this time around.

Where is it safe to buy a personalised plate?

The three safest options for buying a personal plate include the following:

  • The DVLA official registration plate website: featuring the prices clean and clear there is no place for doubt or misunderstandings. DVLA is the only official body that’s allowed to deal with licence plates, so it’s best to deal with this transaction through them. This way, you will also be clear on all the applicable limits and regulations concerning licence plates.
  • The DVLA official online or traditional auctions: these events are not just fun, you can get your hands on a licence plate for very good prices! The events are always featured by DVLA and all who have been previously registered will get the chance to sign up and bid. To avoid any surprises all the number plates which are to be featured are also published. This way, you can decide if you want to take part or not.
  • DVLA Licenced dealers: first and foremost only those are licenced dealers whose website is featured on the DVLA registration website and which you can visit with a simple click through. Anyone else claiming to be licenced but who is not featured should be reported right away as the number of scams is still pretty high in this hefty business.
  • What do the prices featured on DVLA Registration page include?

    The prices on the DVLA website include VAT and the additional DVLA fees already. Oftentimes there are also discounts on a couple of number personalised plates as well. The prices are non-negotiable as they are all fix prices.

    What about the auction prices?

    It’s important to note that prices at auction will not include VAT and other fees. Therefore be mindful when bidding as you may have a pretty unpleasant surprise coming up with VAT and additional costs added to the sum you are to pay for your personalised number plate.

    When I buy the personalised licence plate will these be sent to me?

    It’s essential to note that you only buy the right to hold that specific registration number to be featured on a number plate. The actual plates featuring this combination will have to be done for an extra charge by a registered number plate supplier. This way it’s ensured the personalised number plate is up to par with the standards. Note that upon request, dealers will supply you with the actual number plate for an additional fee.