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How to get a personal licence plate : 101

In this section we have included some much useful information coming straight from the authoring body, DVLA to ensure, you won’t be scammed and you don’t end up buying a licence plate that you won’t be able to use in the future. There are tons of regulations even when it comes to getting a personalised licence plate. Read this section to learn more about these

Are there any restrictions for getting a personalised plate for an older vehicle?

There are certain regulations when it comes to getting a customised licence plate if your vehicle is older. First and foremost, if you aim to buy a newer style Prefix or Suffix based licence plate, then it definitely cannot feature a year that’s earlier than the age of your vehicle. This is to avoid any sort of cheating when it comes to selling used vehicles. Certain numbers pose as age identifiers within the Suffix and Prefix based licence plates. If you are not familiar with this system definitely contact DVLA before you want to purchase a personal licence plate.

Are there any special regulations regarding my vehicle before buying a personalised plate?

There are certain regulations a vehicle must meet in order for it to get a new licence plate assigned. Here are the key points:

  • It has to be registered under your own name or you’d need to provide paperwork about registering the vehicle under your name.
  • It’s registered and taxed or registered as off the road vehicle ( SORN)
  • If it’s not off the road the vehicle has to have all the relevant paperwork, including a legit MOT (which also ensures that the vehicle is fit to be on the road) or a similar sorts of a GTV certificate.

Can I buy a personalised number plate as a present for someone else?

Yes it’s possible but you will need to fill out some paperwork where you are featured as the purchaser and you are different from the Nominee. Later on, the owner of the vehicle has to do his or her own share of paperwork to have the new licence plate registered for the vehicle.

Can I buy a DVLA for a vehicle that’s registered in Northern Ireland, the Island of Man or the Channel Islands?

It’s only eligible to purchase a licence plate for vehicles registered in the territory of United Kingdom including Northern Island. Vehicles registered in the Island of Man or in the Channel Islands are not eligible for this transaction.

Can I buy a licence plate on my Q registered vehicle?

No, as the Q registration stands for not being sure of the age or the identity of a vehicle, which altogether leaves the use of the vehicle in a limbo. And why would you spend money to put a plate on a vehicle you are no really allowed to drive anyways? Learn more about the whole process and about personalised number plates by visiting the DVLA Registration or governmental website.