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How to buy a personalised plate?

There are so many things one should know about getting a personalised plate for their vehicle. Here is a couple of the most important things for you to know before and when you buy a customised licence plate.

Buying the number plate:

First of all it’s essential to know that the registration number that’s featured on the plate and the actual licence plate which is to be attached to the vehicle are two different things. In most cases, when you look around to buy a personalised licence plate you either go to the DVLA registration page, which allows you to check out for the types of numbers/letters which interest you the most. As you type these in, all the available combination will be featured for you alongside their fix price.

The same thing is happening when it comes to checking out a licenced dealers’ homepage. In both cases you will actually purchase the rights to hold that number plate in the future not the physical thing. So, do not expect any courier service delivery except for some documentation if anything.

Payment methods: once you registered you will be able to pay on the DVLA website with all cards which are issues by the key credit card suppliers: namely Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro or Delta. If you go on suppliers’ websites different payment conditions may apply, first and foremost because these also deal with rarities that cost a lot of money, while DVLA registration website would feature the most cherished and rare combinations on its auctions.

Some dealers will accept other payment methods as well, some may even offer you credit options.

Buying the licence plate:

It’s a very easy process to buy your rights to a personalised plate number. The seller, either DVLA or a licenced dealer ( it’s not to say you can’t buy physical plates from individuals but that’s considered quite risky) you will need to receive additional documentation which grants you the ownership of that particular registration number featured on the licence plate. The document can be one or more of the following types: V5C (registration certificate), V778, V750 ( Certificate of entitlement) , V948 ( number plate authorisation certificate) featuring the DVLA stamp, an electronic number plate authorisation certificate ( eV948) the V750 is one of the most common papers you will receive after buying the licence plate.

Getting the physical licence plate:

It’s essential to know that by buying a registration number online on the DVLA Registration website, you buy the right to feature that particular combination but you don’t buy the exact physical licence plate. Therefore be prepared to look for a registered number plate supplier who will prepare the actual licence plate for you. The DVLA website will give you plenty of help for you to find the nearest local number plate supplier to have the licence plates done for you according to standards.

Some dealers offer you the chance however, to get your physical licence plate done for you. This will however cost an extra.