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About the DVLA registration plate auctions

DVLA holds about 6 auctions per year which are either timed or traditional auctions for people to bid on personalised plates. The traditional auctions rather serve to sell more cherished number plates (including combinations which are very popular and in higher demand) these traditional auctions are in fact a big deal. It is often that millionaires, famous personalities also take part in these auctions to lay their hands on a special number plate. The number plates sold in these auctions are often sold for over a million Pounds.

The timed auctions are held around 3-4 times a year and these contain popular combinations which are generally looked for or requested. All sorts of number plates are offered for sale at these auctions from the very new to the very old ones. Naturally, older, rarer pieces cost more money. The prices generally start from GBP 70 and go up depending on the interest.

Both Timed (online) and Traditional auctions are great, fun events and we highly recommend you try take part in one of these, if only to catch glimpse of people who you otherwise wouldn’t see in person only on covers of magazines.

The traditional auctions are all held at special venues as it makes the whole experience all the better.

DVLA personalised plate auction information 2018

In 2018 the DVLA will hold 9 auctions altogether. Out of these, 5 will be traditional and 4 will be timed. The organizing parties take high care of giving all these auctions that special feel, which makes these events so exciting and special. Of course, if someone cannot take part personally, they have the chance to make their bids over the phone or online too. Everyone who has registered on the website of DVLA Registrations are welcome to take part in any of these auctions, though entrance fees may apply.

The next registration plate traditional auction will be quite a bit deal held at a specifically elegant venue the Stratford Manor between 16 to 18th May. You may register as a bidder for every single event. You also get the chance to see what registration plates are on offer, so that you can decide if you want to take part or rather wait until the next auction.

Why are auctions good?

First of all they are tons of fun. It’s not every day you can walk to an elegant venue and be ready to bid on items. Second of all, if you have a piece that you badly want you can get the chance to bid on it and get it for less than it would otherwise be sold. Be ready though, the traditional auctions are for the most important number plates, therefore it’s likely we talk about hundreds of thousands of pounds exchanging hands. All in all, it’s a nice chance to do something special and if you can also get your beloved licence plate, then it’s all the better.

Be warned that only the auctions which are advertised on the official auctioning website of DVLA are legit. Also, beware of buying from individual sellers and stick with DVLA licenced licence plate dealers.